Stay Active All Winter with Traction Options

Kahtoola EXOspikes

Winter Traction Aids

We’ve received a very limited supply of Kahtoola EXOspikes,

Need to stay active this winter but afraid of icy conditions? Fear no more, Kahtoola comes to the rescue with their new EXOspikes traction aids.

EXOspikes set a new standard for versatile winter traction and delivers true cross-terrain performance for runners, walkers, and hikers. Designed to take a beating, EXOspikes introduces an industry-first Traction Matrix that is more lightweight and abrasion-resistant than steel and enables users to take on a mix of terrain and conditions—including frozen trails, icy roads, and everything in between.

EXOspikes combine more than two decades of winter traction technology and experience and embody the high performance, reliability, and safety outdoor enthusiasts expect from Kahtoola.

Order a set today! These will sell out, and we will not be able to order more this season!

Looking for an easy and affordable way to gain a little traction on slippery, winter days?
Mort would love to stud a pair of your shoes for you.
The process just takes a few minutes and only costs $15.00.
Due to volume, we STRONGLY suggest you schedule an appointment to have this done.