Meet Albert

If you’ve stopped by the shop recently you may have noticed a new piece of technology in our gait analysis area. That is Albert from Aetrex, our new foot scanning equipment. We believe that this new technology will help us improve our shoe fit process and allow us to make our customers even happier.
How does it work?
For years we have used the trusted Brannock Device to measure our customer’s feet. The Brannock gives us lots of good information such as the length and width of your foot and well as the length of your arch. This is important, but incomplete data.
With Albert, we can now take 3D measurements of your feet. This allows us to gather more information such as your arch and instep height, the girth of your foot, and your pronation axis. In addition to these extra measurements we can now measure how your body applies pressure to the ground.
All of this additional information helps us determine which shoe and/or insert will provide you with the best fit and reduce the likelihood of injury.
3D Printed Custom Orthotics
Breakthroughs in 3D Printing now allow us to offer a fully custom made orthotic by translating complete data from a foot scan to create an insert that matches precisely to your pressure points and foot profile. This provides a new level of customized pressure reduction underfoot that’s never been achieved before.
Over The Counter Orthotics For Your Foot Type
Not everyone needs a custom orthotic. In fact, most people can use an over-the-counter insert with great results. Albert can help us determine which of several styles of insert will serve you best.
Schedule an appointment today, meet Albert, and leave with happier feet.