Meet our Training Group Coordinator, Maggie Baackes.
Hi, I’m Maggie Baackes. I’ve been with Medved since 2014, first as an Ambassador and now I am full time in the shop, working closely with our Medved Endurance Project and Training Groups! You may just know me as the one who posts a lot of stuff, creates maps for group runs, or dresses like a turkey before races. That is all true, but here’s a little bit more about me to fill in the gaps.
My hometown: Born in Troy, NY & grew up in Connecticut
Where I call home now: Southwedge neighborhood
What got me into running: I was always into sports growing up and through college. Organized sports ended after college and I casually got into triathlons and road running. Joined Medved Training Groups (Winter Group 2013) thinking that maybe there was more to running than just one foot in front of the other at a rapid pace.
Favorite running routes (road): Downtown routes that span the riverway and historic neighborhoods of Rochester. Here are maps & a video of a 5.5 mile route !
Favorite running routes (trails): Lately I’ve been exploring different sections of the FLT, although it’s a bit of time commitment. For something closer to home I enjoy the Seneca Park Zoo trails.
Favorite Running Shoes:
1) Saucony Kinvara
2) Altra Lone Peak
3) New Balance Hierro
Favorite Running Apparel Items:
1) Patagonia Houdini
2) Injinji Ultra Run socks
3) Brooks Dare Crossback bra
Favorite Running Accessories:
1) Garmin watch
2) Buffs
3) Nuun Endurance
Best Running Advice you’ve given or received: More smiles than miles!