Rochester Mile - August 19th, 2017 - Medved Running & Walking Outfitters & Brooks Running

NEW FOR 2017! This running race is being added to the wildly popular professional bicycle race held in Rochester New York!

Race Info

Save the date for Saturday August 19th to either come down and race or witness the racing action – buckle in for an exciting evening!

Just like the Criterium, both amateur and elite athletes will compete in separate 1-mile races. These races will be on the same course that the cyclists use with the highlight of the evening being the Elite Women’s race (with a purse of $2500) and an Elite Men’s race (also with a purse of $2500). Come see some of the fastest runners in the Northeast compete on the streets of the City of Rochester!

There are 9 corners on the course, a slight downhill after the start and an uphill just bast the half mile point.  The course is wide and fairly smooth for a City street.  All runners will complete 1 complete lap of the course with the finish roughly 100 meters past the start line (please note that the start line is NOT the finish line- you have to pass over it because the course is .95 mile in length, hence the extra 100 meters).  There are 500M, 300M, 200M, 100M and 50M to-go markers on the course.

Qualifying Info

To participate in the race you must have earned a qualifying time. Qualifying times are as follows:

  • Men’s Elite: A 4:14 or faster mile, or 4:00 or faster 1500 meter.
  • Women’s Elite: A 5:07 or faster mile, or 4:48 or faster 1500 meter.
  • Men’s Amateur: A 5:20 or faster mile, or 4:56 or faster 1500 meter.
  • Women’s Amateur: A 6:20 or faster mile, or 5:52 or faster 1500 meter.

Qualifying times must be run on or after September 1, 2016. A link to the qualifying race results must be submitted to Mort Nace at